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Sweet sexy Emma

Emma is doing the laundry like a good little housewife while hubby is at work paying the bills. Lo and behold, in walks a big stud in a tapout t-shirt who knows a good thing when he sees it and doesn’t hesitate to help sweet little Emma out by carrying her laundry up the stairs for her. Emma, being a very nice young lady with a weakness for macho men with big dicks, offers him the standard porn scene reward for his good deed: a nice long blow job. Emma’s husband calls while she’s down on her knees doing her womanly duty and she picks up right away, because she respects her husband enough to not keep him waiting. She treats her husband to what he thinks is his fantasy of her sucking his cock and has no clue that what he’s listening to is actually his nightmore of his sweet little wifey loving on another man’s cock and letting him hear every sloppy second of it!

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